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       This is perhaps the most frequently used word in the weight loss / weight
       gain vocabulary.

       It is quite common to overhear people talking about their struggles - or
       triumphs over the holiday bulge or love handles, in terms of whether their
       metabolism is working, or not. Doctors often refer to metabolism when they
       try to explain why starvation and water-loss diets don’t work.

       With all of the focus around this rather daunting and biologically charged

       word, you would assume that most people actually understand it. Or at least
       have some fundamental knowledge when it comes to how to speed up their
       metabolism, right?


       Towards Understanding Metabolism

       Regrettably, many people don’t even understand the concept of metabolism
       and metabolic change.

       There is so much information floating around out there that there's bound
       to be some confusion and conflicting messages. And, understandably, many
       people mistake their own weight gain and weight loss experiences as a
       matter of metabolic change.  Sometimes this is true, and sometimes it isn’t.
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