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For example, there are scientific ways to increase your metabolism, and
       thus enable your body to burn more calories. Eating certain foods more
       frequently is one way to do this.  Another way to visibly lose weight - at least
       on a perceived, temporary level - is to sit in a steam room for a few hours.
       I’ll cover these more closely later in this book.

       Whereas eating the right foods is a real, proven weight loss method through
       increased metabolic change, the steam room method is just temporary
       because the lost weight is merely water and will return as swiftly as it

       The point to remember here is that not all weight loss or weight gain is
       connected to metabolism (as with the steam room example).

       Low-Fat Labels

       Another reason that people might be confused is because there are a lot of
       food and supplement companies on the market who don't want you to know
       fact from fiction. They want you to believe that eating their “low-fat" or
       “diet” foods or using their products is going to somehow speed up your

       While some low-fat foods might play a role in an overall eating program that
       is designed to speed up metabolism, merely eating foods that come from
       packaging that screams "LOW-FAT!" won't do anything.

       In fact, believe it or not, many people actually gain weight when they eat too
       many "low-fat" products. Many of these products are laden with calories
       that still must be burned off or they turn into body fat.

       In addition, they are typically so over-processed that they can barely pass
       for “food” at all.
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