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So, the metabolism, “metabolic process”, is constantly taking care of two
       seemingly opposite functions: anabolism that uses energy to create cells,
       and catabolism that breaks down cells to create energy.

       This is how the metabolism earned its reputation as a harmonizer. It brings
       together these apparently conflicting functions and does so in an optimal
       way that enables the body to create cells as needed, and break them down,
       again as needed.

       Fascinating stuff!

       Metabolism and Weight Loss

       By now, you should have a sense of how metabolism relates to weight loss
       by breaking cells down and transforming them into energy through
       catabolism.  To understand this process even more clearly, let’s look at an

       important player in the weight loss game.


       Calories are simply units of measure. They aren't actually things in and of
       themselves; they are labels for other things, just like how an inch really isn't
       anything, but it measures the distance between two points.

       So, what do calories measure?  Easy: they measure energy.  Yep, the evil
       calorie - the bane of the dieter's existence - is just a 3-syllable label for

       It's important to highlight this, because the body itself does not do a very
       intelligent job of distinguishing good energy from bad energy.  Actually, the
       body doesn't care about where the energy comes from so long as it keeps on
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